Bengal cat

Juny 8. 2021. Laika’s kittens were born! They are four, all of them are healthy, developing nicely, Laika really takes care of them. bengal cat

We are looking forward to Laika’s kittens in Juny 2021.        

bengáli macska fenséges

Carmen, ivartalanított nőstény bengáli macskánk keresi végleges gazdáját. Nagyon szerettük volna, ha Carmen itt marad nálunk, de sajnos nem jön ki a többiekkel, így mindenképpen olyan helyet keresünk neki, ahol nincs más macska vagy kutya. Úgy érezzük, hogy nálunk nem teljesen boldog, éppen azért, mert nem lehet állandóan a közelünkben. Carmen elég komoly macska. Nagyon […]

We are looking forward to Cheko’s kittens at the end of April 2021.         bengal cat

We are looking forward to Vixen’s kittens at the end of February 2021.         bengal cat

bengáli cica karácsony

We wish all our Esteemed Visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Gosztonyi Fanni, Dóri and the bengal cats. bengal cat

We are looking forward to Cheko’s kittens in July 2020.         bengal cat

Back in 2014, when we started working with the bengal cats, we took note, that in the French Griffes de Feu breed, there are cats with wild features from the early generations. Since then we were dreaming of buying a cat from this cattery. Our dream came true, and thanks to Nathalie Chiesa, we brought […]

The word Laika in Swahili means soft. We named her Laika after her very silky fur. So we care her a lot. On her first exhibition we decided to stay with her, after she lay on my daughter’s laps the whole day without getting off. Laika is very handy in the kitchen. After feeding, she […]